Responsibilities in the NOMAD Laboratory

TaskResponsible Persons
Seminars of the NOMAD LaboratoryChristian Carbogno
Coffee TalksThomas Purcell
Common Tasks
Common Room, Building TRayya Douedari
Espresso machineRayya Douedari
Library Administration
FHI Library Commission
Luca Ghiringhelli
Purchasing BooksRayya Douedari

Inventory Taking

Communication with the Computer Center in GarchingChristian Carbogno
Web Pages
Web Pages of the NOMAD LaboratoryRayya Douedari
Highlights web pageMatthias Scheffler
Contacts to ╬ĘkChristian Carbogno, Matthias Scheffler
Contacts to CECAMMatthias Scheffler
Contacts to ETSFMatthias Scheffler
FHI "aims"Volker Blum, Matthias Scheffler
Data ProtectionH. Junkes
First Aid, Building TFrank Mante


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