Shops around

Shops within walking distance

There is a small kiosk at the far end of the U-Bahn station 'Thielplatz' where you can buy newspapers, cigarettes, etc. You will also find some snacks. Try kebap there. It´s really delicious!

At the close end of the U-Bahn station there is a snack shop offering salads, sandwiches, yogurt, etc.

For breakfast you can visit the Harnack-Haus or the restaurant "Aux Delices Normands", Ihnestr. 29, 14195 Berlin (breakfast from 8. a.m.).

Another kiosk can be found close on the FU Campus (we are passing by every day, after lunch).

There are a few cafeterias in various buildings of the FU, ground floor of the cafeteria and in the basement of the Faculty of Law, which is across the street from building D.

There is one bookstore within walking distance from the FHI:

  • Struppe & Winckler (Garystr.46) at the intersection of Garystraße and Ihnestraße


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