Telephone System

All phone extensions at the FHI follow the phone number 8413-xxxx.

Internal Calls

To make an internal call just dial the last 4 digits.

External Calls

To make an external call you will have to get an outside line first. To do so dial:

  • "0" Buisiness call
  • "8" Private call
  • "9" Central office, building B

You will receive a bill for your private calls at the beginning of each month. Please pay the bills as soon as possible at the central office in building B.

Address Dialing Menus

Press "6" after you got a connection for activating the tone dial feature.

To learn more about these fancy options of the phone system (Answering machine, Forwarding/Redirecting phone calls etc.), please read the page - The features of the phone system (in German).


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